Lehrstuhl für Informatik III

Broadband (funded by Deutsche Telekom AG)

Performance Evaluation of Future Broadband Communication Systems (Broadband)

Broadband Project Team

Heads Prof. Dr.-Ing. Phuoc Tran-Gia

Dr. Notker Gerlich (formerly with Info3, now with Siemens AG),

Stefan Koehler (formerly with Info3, now with Infosim GmbH & Co. KG),

Dr. Michael Menth,

Dr. Michael Ritter (formerly with Info3, now with ADVA Optical Networking),

Dr. Kurt Tutschku,

Dr. Norbert Vicari
(formerly with Info3, now with Siemens AG)

Partners Dr. Ruth Kleinewillinghoefer-Kopp (Deutsche Telekom AG),
  Prof. Dr. Udo Krieger
(formerly with Deutsche Telekom AG, now with Uni Bamberg)
Funded period - May 2000


The research cooperation between the Department of Distributed Systems (Info3) and the research institute of the Deutsche Telekom AG (T-Nova) focused on the performance analysis of broadband communication networks and in particular on congestion control mechanisms. Research topics were the issues in ATM networks as well as TCP, Random Early Detection, and Differentiated Services in IP networks.