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    Research Projects

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    Current Projects

    • INPUT (In-Network Programmability for Next-Generation Personal Cloud Service Support, funded by European Commission H2020)

    The goal of INPUT is to design a novel edge cloud supported infrastructure for personal cloud services. Within this project, our focus is mainly on monitoring, orchestration, and consolidation algorithms for optimized configuration of network/cloud infrastructure and allocation of virtualized cloud services with respect to energy consumption and Quality of Experience.

    • DFG Ökonet (Design and Performance Evaluation of New Mechanisms for the Future Internet – New Paradigms and Economic Aspects)

    The importance of the Internet for social and economic ends has increased over the last years, especially due to the large market growth for smartphones and tablet computers. However, the mechanisms used for traffic management in the Internet are still based on concepts unchanged since its initial inception and cannot cope with the increasing requirements of users, network operators and service providers, such as the Quality of Experience (QoE) perceived by the user and economic considerations of the service providers. In order to deal with the new requirements, the project ÖkoNet considers the economic interests of all involved stakeholders during the design of new traffic management mechanisms.

    • Mobi-QoE (Monitoring and Analysis of Quality of Experience in Mobile Broadband Networks, funded by European Commission H2020 project MONROE (Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe))

    The objective of Mobi-QoE is to extend MONROE’s testbed to the QoE domain by integrating novel software-based QoE-capable measurement tools and QoE models for popular end-user services (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Spotify). In crowdsourced field trials, the extensions will be evaluated and the QoE models will be refined to enable experiments for QoE-based performance analysis of mobile broadband networks with the MONROE testbed.

    • DFG QoE-DZ (Analysis and Optimization of the Trade-off between QoE and Energy-Efficiency in Data Centers)

    This project focuses on quantifying and adjusting the trade-off between QoE and energy-efficiency in data centers for highly relevant use cases. An interesting use case for the interconnection between data centers, QoE, and energy-efficiency that is considered to have an increasing impact in the following years, are Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs). A VDI enables users to use very lightweight systems, e.g., so-called thin clients, whereby the actual operating system including all computations and software runs in a data center.

    Previous Projects

    • SmartQoE (Measurement Concept and Trendscouting for QoE in Mobile Context)

    The focus of the project "SmartQoE" is on three major goals: 1. Development of a measurement concept to measure QoE-relevant application data with a smartphone app, 2. Analysis of collected data with respect to QoE criteria, 3. Trendscouting for QoE in mobile networks.