Data Science Chair

    Digital Humanities and Natural Language Processing

    Digital Humanities and the appliciation and develoment of Natural Language Processing methods is an active reasearch field in the Data Science Chair. In projects like Kallimachos or CLiGS we collaborate with literary scholars and work on literary and NLP research questions. Current research topics involve for example the detection of direct speech, the classification of text types or sentiment analysis in a literary context.


    We are currently working on the following projects:


    Building complete text analysis pipeline, starting with OCR from paper and going up to high-level text mining and the application to German literary works.



    Quantitative analysis of literary texts and the fundamental issues of literary studies in the domain of genre theory and stylistics.


    Here is a list of selected publications. You can find the full list for CLiGS here and for Kallimachos here.

    • The FairyNet Corpus - Cha... - Download
      The FairyNet Corpus - Character Networks for German Fairy Tales. Schmidt, David; Zehe, Albin; Lorenzen, Janne; Sergel, Lisa; Düker, Sebastian; Krug, Markus; Puppe, Frank (2021). 49–56.
    • Detecting Scenes in Ficti... - Download
      Detecting Scenes in Fiction: A new Segmentation Task. Zehe, Albin; Konle, Leonard; Dümpelmann, Lea; Gius, Evelyn; Hotho, Andreas; Jannidis, Fotis; Kaufmann, Lucas; Krug, Markus; Puppe, Frank; Reiter, Nils; Schreiber, Annekea; Wiedmer, Nathalie (2021).
    • Detection of Scenes in Fi... - Download
      Detection of Scenes in Fiction. Gius, Evelyn; Jannidis, Fotis; Krug, Markus; Zehe, Albin; Hotho, Andreas; Puppe, Frank; Krebs, Jonathan; Reiter, Nils; Wiedmer, Nathalie; Konle, Leonard (2019).
    • Burrows’ Zeta: Exploring and Evaluating Variants and Parameters. Schöch, Christof; Schlör, Daniel; Zehe, Albin; Gebhard, Henning; Becker, Martin; Hotho, Andreas (2018). 274–277.
    • Straight Talk! Automatic ... - Download
      Straight Talk! Automatic Recognition of Direct Speech in Nineteenth-Century French Novels. Schöch, Christof; Schlör, Daniel; Popp, Stefanie; Brunner, Annelen; Henny, Ulrike; Tello, José Calvo (2016). 346–353.