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    Computer Science VIII - Aerospace Information Technology

    Research activities

    Research projects at the Chair of Aerospace

    Active projects:

    Finished projects:

    • SONATE Development and operation of a nanosatellite at the University of Würzburg for highly autonomous payloads

    • ASAP-Light Combined sensor and planning system to increase the autonomy of satellite operations, on board SONATE

    • ATUS In the ATUS project, the ASAP system environment is being simulated and tested in hardware and software. In particular, autonomous operation with ASAP will be tested in an artificially created environment.

    • ASAP Combined sensor and planning system to increase the autonomy of satellite operations.

    • ADIA-Light Development and on-orbit testing of a primary payload for the SONATE nanosatellite mission for autonomous diagnosis of operational problems.

    • ADIA++ The ADIA autonomous diagnostic software will undergo a major upgrade over the course of two years so that it can handle the very large volumes of telemetry data that are constantly being generated on board large satellites and interplanetary space probes.

    • ADIA In the ADIA project (Autonomous Diagnosis System for Satellites), a system is being developed that is capable of independently analyzing incipient or already occurring faults on board a satellite and determining their causes.

    • AROS Within AROS, novel software and hardware technologies for miniature star sensors are developed and tested.

    • NACOMI Nanosatellite communication technologies for use in interplanetary space.

    • ASMET Autonomous sensor network for detection and observation of METeors.

    • STELLA Development of a new type of star sensor for pico- and nanosatellites. STELLA features high precision for many different payloads.

    • BayKoSM A study of a nanosatellite with autonomous image data processing capability was conducted as part of the BayKoSM collaborative project funded by the Bavarian Space Agency.