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    Previous Master Theses

    2022[ to top ]
    • Spangenberger, M.: Investigating the Benefits of Encoding at Runtime for DASH Video Streaming, (2022).
    • Leidinger, F.: Evaluation of Graph-based Deep Reinforcement Learning for the TSN Per-Port Latency Assignment Optimization Problem, (2022).
    • Seybold, J.: Implementation and Evaluation of Time-Sensitive Networking Mechanisms in Software with Accelerated Packet Processing Techniques, (2022).
    • Ceanuri Devesa, J.K.: Performance Evaluation of Feature Representation Transfer Approaches for Video QoE Estimation Across Different Networks, (2022).
    2021[ to top ]
    • Schüler, J.: Real-time Video QoE Estimation for Network Management based on Feature Calculation on a 100Gbps Programmable Data Plane, (2021).
    • Vomhoff, V.: Investigating IoT-centric signaling traffic at the MVNO Mobile Core - Modeling and Classification, (2021).
    • Raffeck, S.: Evaluating the Nature-inspired DESYNC Mechanism as an Energy-efficient LoRaWAN MAC, (2021).
    2020[ to top ]
    • Poignée, F.: Machine Learning Approach to Predict Video Streaming Behavior at Network Layer, (2020).
    • Dietz, K.: Identification and Evaluation of KPIs in SDN via Simulation for Establishing Topology Classifications and Prediction Models, (2020).
    • Tönsing, L.: Prediction of YouTube’s Chunk Request from Monitored Encrypted Network Traffic, (2020).
    • Stulier, N.: Characterisation of the APM in videogames using DOTA 2, (2020).
    • Plesker, F.: Simulation of a 5G Network Infrastructure, (2020).
    • Berani, S.: Fingerprinting Websites in Encrypted Network Traffic, (2020).
    • Janiak, L.: Potential Traffic Savings by Leveraging Proximity of Communication Groups in Mobile Messaging Applications, (2020).
    2019[ to top ]
    • Smietanka, O.: Discrete-Event Simulation of a Fully Virtualized Mobile Packet Core, (2019).
    • Morell, M.: Traffic Measurement Study for Real-Time Video Streaming with a Remote Controllable Drone, (2019).
    • Ott, S.: Design and Performance Evaluation of NMS-aware SDN Controle Plane Mechanisms, (2019).
    • Popp, C.: Measurement and Analysis of QoE Influencing Factors for WebRTC, (2019).
    • Prantl, T.: Machine Learning for Synthetically Generated, Adaptive Streaming Data, (2019).
    2017[ to top ]
    • Pfaffenberger, F.: Evaluation of Network Monitoring Approaches in Cloud Environments - Experiment and Testbed Design, (2017).