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    Chair of Computer Science III

    Cloud Applications and Networks

    Working Group: Cloud Applications and Networks

    We do research in the field of contemporary cloud architectures and communication networks. Of particular interest are the applications and services that are to be used on the network. Fundamental issues center around dynamic and adaptive networks as well as cloud architectures and principles, which play an increasingly important role in today's networks.

    Best Paper Award auf der CNSM 2018

    Best Demonstration Award auf der TMA 2018

    Demo @ IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2018: QoE Monitoring of the Native Android YouTube App

    Student Helpers

    Bernd Zeidler
    Markus Meixner
    Nikolas Wehner
    Simon Englert
    Lea Janiak
    Philipp Waigand


    Research Interests

    Funded Projects

    Former Projects

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