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Christian Moldovan M. Sc.

Telefax (0931) 31-86632
E-Mail christian.moldovan@uni-wuerzburg.de
Raum A212


Lehrstuhl für Informatik III
Am Hubland
D-97074 Würzburg

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Research Interests

  • Video Streaming
  • Quality of Experience
  • Fairness
  • User Engagement and Behavior
  • Immersive Video Formats

Selected Publications

  • Hoßfeld, T., Moldovan, C., Schwartz, C.: To Each According to his Needs: Dimensioning Video Buffer for Specific User Profiles and Behavior.Third IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Quality of Experience Centric Management. , Ottawa, Canada (2015).
  • Wamser, F., Casas, P., Seufert, M., Moldovan, C., Tran-Gia, P., Hoßfeld, T.: Modeling the YouTube Stack: from Packets to Quality of Experience.Computer Networks.109,211-224 (2016).
  • Metzger, F., Liotou, E., Moldovan, C., Hoßfeld, T.: TCP video streaming and mobile networks: Not a love story, but better with context.Computer Networks.109,246--256 (2016).
  • Moldovan, C., Metzger, F.: Bridging the Gap between QoE and User Engagement in HTTP Video Streaming.28th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 28) (2016).
  • Moldovan, C., Sieber, C., Heegaard, P.E., Kellerer, W., Hoßfeld, T.: YouTube Can Do Better: Getting the Most Out of Video Adaptation.ITC and IEEE Workshop on QoE Centric Management (QCMan) (2016).
  • Moldovan, C., Skorin-Kapov, L., Heegaard, P.E., Hoßfeld, T.: Optimal Fairness and Quality in Video Streaming With Multiple Users.30th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 30). p. 6. , Vienna, Austria (2018).
  • Moldovan, C., Wamser, F., Hoßfeld, T.: User Behavior and Engagement of a Mobile Video Streaming User from Crowdsourced Measurements.2019 Eleventh International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX) (2019).
  • Moldovan, C., Wamser, F., Hoßfeld, T.: Energy-Efficient Adaptation Logic for HTTP Streaming in Mobile Networks.2019 International Conference on Networked Systems (NetSys) (2019).