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Supervised Theses



  • Sichermann, M.: Bewertung und Analyse von 5G-Mobilfunk: Large-scale Monitoring-Lösungen und -Konzepte zur Bestimmung der Leistung von 5G, (2021).


  • Spangenberger, M.: Implementation and Evaluation of Content Encoding at Runtime for DASH Video Streaming, (2020).


  • Popp, C.: Measurement and Analysis of QoE Influencing Factors for WebRTC, (2019).
  • Prantl, T.: Machine Learning for Synthetically Generated, Adaptive Streaming Data, (2019).


  • Knapp, T.: Performance Evaluation of DASH Streaming with Real Time Encoding and Continuous Quality Levels, (2018).
  • Weber, K.: Machine Learning for Classification of Streaming Data, (2018).
  • Popp, C.: Analysis of WebRTC Video Communications in a Cloud Testbed Setup, (2018).


  • Wehner, N.: Unsupervised QoE Field Study for Mobile YouTube Video Streaming with YoMoApp, (2017).
  • Popp, C.: Study on the Accuracy of Video Monitoring VNF in High Mobility Environments, (2017).
  • Schwind, A.: Concept and Implementation of QoE Measurements in a Mobile Broadband Testbed, (2017).


  • Werthmann, A.: Untersuchung der Sicherheit von Desktop- und Smartphone-Applikationen hinsichtlich HTTPS-Man-in-the-middle-Angrifen, (2016).
  • Züfle, M.: Testbed Validation and Comparison with Simulation, (2016).
  • Höfner, S.: Evaluation of Orchestration and Access Principles for Cloud Applications, (2016).


  • Züfle, M.: Testbed-based Comparison of Application-Aware Traffic Management Strategies, (2015).
  • Frances Pajo, J.: Simulation Framework for Live Migration of Online Games towards the Edge, (2015).
  • Iffländer, L.: Performance Assessement of Service Migration Strategies, (2015).
  • Sanchez, O.R.: Modeling User Activity and Network Demands in Online Gaming of Dota 2, (2015).
  • Wehner, N.: Automated Quality Evaluation of HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming with an Android App, (2015).


  • Höfner, S.: QoE Oriented Offloading Mechanisms for YouTube in Heterogeneous Networks, (2014).
  • Loh, F.: Determination of Traffic Patterns of the Facebook Mobile App and the WhatsApp Messenger, (2014).


  • Moldovan, C.: YouTube Traffic Characterization: Impact of Flow Control Mechanisms and Internet-Wide Traffic Distribution, (2013).
  • Deschner, S.: Performance Comparison of Application-Aware Resource Scheduling with Respect to the Channel Behavior, (2013).
  • Höhn, T.: Performance Assessment of QoE/QoS-Aware Network Control Approaches Using SDN, (2013).


  • Denkler, M.: Application‐aware Scheduling in Cellular OFDMA Networks for YouTube and Skype, (2012).
  • Blenk, A.: Application-Aware Resource Management in Wireless Mesh Networks, (2012).


  • Wendl, A.: Realizing Application and QoE-aware Gateway Selection in a Distributed Testbed, (2011).
  • Blößl, B.: Performance Assessment of Resource Allocation Strategies in IEEE 802.16m, (2011).


  • Scheib, M.: Performance Evaluation of Contention-based IEEE 802.16m Bandwidth Requests, (2010).
  • Stezenbach, D.: Implementing and Testing Seamless Gateway Handovers in Wireless Mesh Networks, (2010).


  • Mittelstädt, D.: On the Capacity of the OFDMA Uplink with Dynamic Fractional Frequency Reuse, (2009).