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    Chair of Computer Science III

    Open Topics for Bachelor and Master Theses

    The following lists include open research topics available for bachelor and master theses as well as practical projects. Please note that these lists do not exhaustively list all topics. Members of the chair often offer additional topics within their area of interest, so feel free to contact them directly at their personal web page.

    Regarding general questions please contact Stefan Geißler.

    You can easily view a summary and a detailed description of the topics listed here by clicking the Abstract link below the respective entry. The contact details of the respective supervisor are also made available there.

    Open Bachelor Theses

    • Supervisor: Pruckner, M.: Modeling and simulation of sustainable local energy systems, (2022).
    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Models for Group Communication Behavior under Mobility, (2022).

    Open Master Theses

    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Design and Performance Evaluation of a Decomposition-based Approach to Network Traffic Classification, (2022).
    • Supervisor: Pruckner, M.: Life Cycle Assessment für ecoro – ein neuartiges Mobilitätskonzept für die Straße, (2022).
    • Supervisor: Strobel, L.: Electrification of public transport in European towns - A case study of Bayreuth, (2022).
    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Design and Comparison of Heuristic- and DL-based Estimators of QoE Factors from Visual Recordings, (2022).
    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Deep Learning-based Transfer Learning for QoE Monitoring of Encrypted Video Streaming Traffic, (2022).
    • Supervisor: Dietz, K.: Evaluation of Topology Synthetization Approaches for Communication Networks, (2021).

    Available Student Projects

    • Supervisor: Grigorjew, A.: Managed Testbed for Real-Time Networks, (2022).
    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Data Augmentation of Network Traffic Traces, (2022).
    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Identifying User Behavior from Encrypted Video Streaming Traffic, (2022).
    • Supervisor: Poignée, F.: Simulating Group-based Communication with Omnet++, (2021).
    • Supervisor: Geissler, S.: Design and Implementation of a WebApp for the Performance Evaluation of VNF Chains, (2021).
    • Supervisor: Loh, F.: Studying mobility in a LoRaWAN Network, (2021).