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    Data Science Chair

    Knowledge Enriched Natural Language Processing

    Digital Humanities and the appliciation and develoment of Natural Language Processing methods is an active reasearch field in the Data Science Chair. In projects like Kallimachos or CLiGS we collaborate with literary scholars and work on literary and NLP research questions. Current research topics involve for example the detection of direct speech, the classification of text types or sentiment analysis in a literary context.

    The following staff member have open topics for practica, bachelor and master theses:

    Natural Language Processing (for Novels), Digital Humanities Albin Zehe
    knowledge graphs, unstructured knowledge representations  Janna Omeliyanenko
    NLP,  Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis, Pointer Networks Jan Pfister

    In the case of excellent performance there is also the chance to submit the thesis as an article to a computer science conference and to be co-author on a scientific publication early in your studies!

    Open Topics

    06/05/2023 | Natural Language Processing
    06/05/2023 | Natural Language Processing
    06/05/2023 | Natural Language Processing