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    Media Informatics

    Dr. Florian Niebling

    Dr. Florian Niebling

    Teaching substitute Media Informatics



    Florian Niebling represented the chair of Computer Science (Media Informatics) at the Department of Computer Science IX (Human Computer Interaction) at the Institute of Computer Science in the summer semester 2019 and will take over some courses in Media Informatics in the winter semester 19/20.

    Florian Niebling studied computer science at the University of Stuttgart, where he received his PhD in 2013 on interactive parallel real-time visualization. His research interests include software engineering of complex systems in parallel and distributed environments, scalable post-processing and visualization of large amounts of data, as well as the interaction with this data in virtual and augmented reality.

    Since 2015 he is head of the junior research group UrbanHistory4D (http://urbanhistory4d.org/) which investigates the spatial location of historical photographs and a location-based access to photographs as research data.