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    Natural Language Processing


    WüNLP offers a range of courses in different study programs at both Bachelor and  Master Level. Our courses typically have the Lectures + Exercises (Vorlesungen + Übungen) structure: we introduce the new concepts theoretically in the lectures and then we solve practical problems in the exercise sessions.

    Our Chair starts with a full teaching offer in this semester, Winter Semester 2022/2023. The list of courses/modules offered in the current semester are shown below. 

    Course Type Level WueCampus
    Algorithmen, KI und Data Science 1 Lectures + Exercises (V+Ü) Bachelor Link
    Natural Language Processing and Text Mining Lectures + Exercises (V+Ü)  Master Link
    Digitale Editionen & Korpora 1 Lectures + Exercises ("Seminar" in Humanities) Bachelor & Master Link
    Seminar Natural Language Processing Seminar Bachelor & Master Link
    Praktikum Natural Language Processing Praktikum Master Link
    Seminar Vision and Language Seminar Master (optionally Bachelor) Link
    Praktikum Vision and Language Praktikum Master Link
    Seminar NLP for Computational Humanities Seminar Master Link
    Oberseminar NLP Seminar PhD  
    Thesis supervision Thesis Bachelor & Master