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    14th Pico- and Nano-Satellite Workshop on "Technologies for Small Satellite Research"

    September 22-24 2021, Würzburg, Germany

    Flyer Preliminary Program


    The impressive innovation progress in small satellite technologies will be presented again at the pico- and nano-satellite workshop series. The focus of the workshop is on pico- and nano-satellite missions, dedicated subsystems and fields of applications of small satellites. High quality contributions especially in the area of possible applications in telecommunications, Earth observation, space science and education are welcome. Further topics to be emphasized are satellite formations and constellations, miniaturization techniques and micro-components.

    The aim of the workshop is to bring together the research community of pico- and nano-satellites, enabling them to share their visions and lessons learned, as well as to analyze technological and scientific advancements. The workshop covers the forefront of the broad spectrum of research activities, enabling the advancement in pico- and nano-satellites.

    Ever since its initiation in 2007, the workshop attracted growing interest not only from Universities, but also from research institutes, start-up and industry in the field of space science and technology. The workshop is organized yearly in alternation between Universität Würzburg and TU Berlin.

    • In orbit experiences
    • Small satellite missions
    • Distributed small satellite systems
    • Subsystem technologies for small satellites
    • Payloads for small satellites
    • Applications
    • Flight opportunities and launchers for Pico satellites
    • Educational aspects

    Keeping with the tradition of continued and competitive research activities in the field of small satellites, the 14th workshop on pico- and nano-satellites will be hosted once again at Wuerzburg University. We are looking forward to welcoming participants and lecturers from Germany, Europe and overseas.


    Abstract submission: 15.07.2021 
    Notification of acceptance: 31.07.2021
    Registration Closure: 30.08.2021
    Workshop: September 22-24, 2021


    Registrations are open and can be done via email to pina2021@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de


    The 14th Pico- and Nano-Satellite Workshop will be held in the computer science building of the Julius-Maximilians-University Wuerzburg at the campus Hubland Süd.


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