Lehrstuhl für Informatik VII - Robotik und Telematik

    MSc. Alexander Kramer

    Research Assistant

    Computer Science VII : Robotics and Telematics 
    Department of Computer Science, B208
    Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg 
    Am Hubland 
    D-97074 Würzburg 

    Tel.:  +49-931-31-80511
    Fax.: +49-931-31-86679


    Alexander Kramer studied Physics B.Sc. at the University of Konstanz, Germany from 2008-2011. He conducted his bachelor thesis at EADS Astrium Satellites with the title Techniques for the characterization of a µN - thruster for precision attitude control. Afterwards he did two placements in the R&D departments of Bosch GmbH in Gerlingen, Germany and Bosch Pte Ltd in Singapore. In Gerlingen he installed a experimental setup for the measurement of elastohydrodynamic lubricant films using calorimetric interferometry, which he conducted afterwards successfully. In Singapore he automated the photovoltaic module outdoor performance measurement in a tropical climate. Afterwards he joined the Erasmus Mundus Master program Spacemaster - Space Science and Technology in 2012 and graduated in 2014. During his master studies he completed courses at the Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg, Germany and at the Lulea University of Technology, Sweden. During this time he worked at the University Würzburg Experimental Satellites UWE-3 and UWE-4. His master thesis had the title Integration and Testing of Vacuum Arc Thrusters for the University Wuerzburg Experimental Satellite (UWE-4). After his master studies he joined the NetSat Team at the Zentrum für Telematik in Gerbrunn, Germany in January 2015, where his focus lies on electric propulsion systems and orbit control. Since October 2015 he is also part of the UWE-4 team. The goal of UWE-4 is to demonstrate orbit control using an electric propulsion system.