Lehrstuhl für Informatik VII - Robotik und Telematik

Housekeeping Analysis


Today we took the time to analyze the satellite’s housekeeping system in detail using data of more than 800 frames transporting over 70 kByte of data which has been gathered over the past days and could be downlinked despite the fact that tracking does not become easier the older our TLE gets. The satellite remains in a very good health state throughout the orbits. We can see that the batteries’ temperatures are settled to about +6 °C +/- 2.5°C while the OBDH temperature varies between -8°C and +8°C. The state of charge of the satellite’s active battery stays well above 80%. While the beacons are strong enough to overcome miss-pointing due to our inaccurate TLE, two-way communication becomes more and more difficult with every pass. We hope for the help of NORAD soon, because corrections on the initial TLE show decreasing effectiveness.