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Erfahrungsberichte besuchender Studierenden

Hier finden Sie Erfahrungsberichte von Studierenden, die in den letzten Jahren in der Informatik zu besuch waren. Eine Vielzahl an Erfahrungsberichten von ausgehenden ERASMUS-Studierenden könnn Sie hier auf der Seite des International Office finden.

Joanna aus Gleiwitz

"Ich habe mich persönlich weiterentwickelt."

Joanna aus Gleiwitz, Polen, war im Wintersemester 2019/20 in Würzburg.

"Für mich war es ein besonderes Erlebnis, an der Universität Würzburg studieren zu können. Zwar war mein Stundenplan ziemlich anstrengend, aber ich habe Professoren getroffen, die mir immer geholfen und mich unterstützt haben. Ich habe die Chance bekommen, zu sehen, wie das Studium in Deutschland aussieht.

Was mir persönlich sehr wichtig war, war, viele internationale Freundschaften zu schließen und so viel wie möglich mit Leuten zu sprechen. Dabei konnte ich meine Deutschkenntnisse verbessern und die deutsche Kultur besser kennenlernen. Es war sehr interessant, kulturelle Unterschiede zu erkunden. Ich habe auch die Stadt genossen und bin viel ausgegangen, weil Würzburg sehr schön und vielfältig ist und viele Veranstaltungen anbietet, z.B. das Festival für Straßenmusik oder den Weihnachtsmarkt. Durch Ausflüge konnte ich auch Städte in der Nähe besichtigen. Ich habe auch die Erfahrung gemacht, selbstständig zu leben. Dies gab mir das Gefühl, dass ich mich persönlich weiterentwickelt habe.

Die Zeit in Würzburg wird mir angenehm in Erinnerung bleiben. Ich bin sehr glücklich, die Möglichkeit bekommen zu haben, am Erasmus-Programm teilzunehmen. Auf jeden Fall würde ich ein Auslandsemester in Würzburg wiederholen und auch anderen sehr empfehlen."

Kamil aus Krakau

"Studenten haben die Möglickeit ihr eigenes Tempo fürs Studieren zu setzen."

Kamil aus Krakau, Polen, war im Sommersemester 2019 in Würzburg.

"Studying in Würzburg was an amazing experience. My university has an Erasmus contract with Julius Maximilian University Würzburg, so I decided it would be a good chance to improve my German and try something different. I took 6 courses in total, so my daily schedule had already been arranged well by the University. However, there was still time to enjoy summer in the city, which is full of festivals, sights and great wine. The local organization for international students and the region itself offered many ways to spend the free time actively. Among the things that surprised me at the university was the fact that the attendance at all of the courses is not obligatory and there are no midterm exams – this way students have the opportunity to set their own pace of studying. Another interesting fact was that so many current students taught their fellows at exercise classes and they did it really well. During those four months I met many people and spent a great time with them – I can highly recommend this city to everyone!"

Khrystyna aus Lwiw

"Teil des Erasmus-Progremmes zu sein, ist eine Chance den eigene Horizont zu erweitern."

Khrystyna aus Lwiw, Ukraine, war im Sommersemester 2019 in Würzburg.

"Being part of the Erasmus program is definitely a valuable experience. It’s a chance to broaden your mind, to be a part of another country while improving your technical skills. I was surprised by the hospitality of the University of Würzburg, beginning from the International Students Office to professors. Everyone was ready to help, to understand my situatoin and to support me.

The lectures were interesting and up-to-date. Apart from theory, we were able to see use cases in practice. The educational process is somewhat different from ours. We don’t have such a lot of material, but we have more questions in the exams.

Würzburg is a nice city to visit and to live in. If you haven’t been here before you should really come and explore it! Besides studying, I decided to travel because it’s cheaper from here than from Ukraine, and within Europe we do not face long passport controls as on the Ukraine–EU border. That’s why it is much easier. If you book in advance, you can really fnd cheap prices. I would strongly recommend knowing at least German basics: to be able to build at least an understandable sentence and understand someone. I had several situations when I had to switch on German. There were no problems in the city administration, the University, and with the health insurance."

Yurii aus Lwiw

"Das System hat mir geholfen zu lernen anstatt nur Punkte zu sammeln."

Yurii aus Lwiw, Ukraine, war im Sommersemester 2019 in Würzburg.


I am Yurii and I had a great time as an Erasmus student here at the University of Würzburg. To begin with, a German course was really beneficial and fun. I was lucky with the teachers, who told us not only about the grammar but also about German traditions, celebrations and customs. There were lots of games and activities during the class. They helped me to improve the foreign language efficiently and painlessly.

My main studies in computer science were also profitable. The material covered was clearly structured. The grading system was different from the one used in my home university. In my opinion, it helped me to learn the subject rather than simply "collect the points". Quite a few topics were recent and looked promising to put efforts into. The seminar format was also new to me. I've never gone through a tough mathematical paper and given a scientific presentation before. However, some courses seem to lack practical implementation assignments, which would be a good way to learn or practice some programming language, deepen the understanding of the topic or even apply the gained knowledge and help others.

All things considered, I was happy to work with prof. Wolff and Lehrstuhl für Informatik I in the University of Würzburg. Hope that the cooperation between our universities will develop and prosper."