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Modules in English

The following lectures, seminars, and projects are taught in English (* if requested by at least one student, ** if requested by at least two students). The time table with the complete module list of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is available here (in German).

Vorlesungen und Übungen

Module Degree Term CP Chair
Computational Geometry* Master Winter 5 Info I
­­Approximation Algorithms* Master Winter 5 Info I
Visualization of Graphs* Master Summer 5 Info I
Algorithms for Geographic Information Systems* Master Summer 5 Info I
Exact Algorithms* Master Summer 5 Info I
Software Architecture* Master Summer 5 Info II
Performance Engineering & Benchmarking of Computer Systems* Master Winter 5 Info II
Advanced Programming* Master Winter 5 Info II​​​​​​​
Self-Aware Computing* Master Summer 5 Info II​​​​​​​
Security of Software Systems Master Summer 5 Info II​​​​​​​
Introduction to IT Security Bachelor Winter 5 Info II​​​​​​​
Discrete Event Simulation Master Summer 8 Info III
New Internet Applications: Technology & Modeling Approaches Master Winter 5 Info III
Artificial Intelligence I Master Winter 5 Info VI
Advanced Data Bases Master Summer 5 Info VI
Robotics Master Winter Info VII
Robotics 2 Master Summer Info VII
3D Point Cloud Processing Bachelor/Master Summer Info VII
Advanced Automation Master Winter 8 Info VII​​​​​​​
Spacecraft Systems Analysis Master (SaTec) Winter Info VII
Space Dynamics Master (SaTec) Winter Info VII
Computer Science for Space Engineering Master (SaTec) Winter 5 Info VII​​​​​​​
Telecommunication System Design Master (SaTec) Summer 10 Info VII​​​​​​​
Remote Sensing Master (SaTec) Summer 5 Info VII​​​​​​​
Advanced Sensor Data Processing Master (SaTec) Summer 5 Info VII​​​​​​​
Software Quality Bachelor Winter 5 Info IX
Network and Concurrent Programming Bachelor Winter 5 Info IX​​​​​​​
3D User Interfaces Master Summer 5 Info IX​​​​​​​
Principles of Interactive Systems* Master Winter 5 Info IX​​​​​​​
Machine Learning* Master Winter 5 Info IX​​​​​​​
Multimodal Interfaces* Master Summer 5 Info IX​​​​​​​
Asset Development (Modeling and Animation)* Bachelor​​​ Summer 5 Info IX​​​​​​​
Natural Language Processing and Text Mining Master Winter 5 Info X
Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing** Master Summer 5 Info X
Interactive Artifical Intelligence** Bachelor Winter 5 Info X


Module Degree Term CP Chair
Algorithms for Programming Contests* Bachelor/Master Summer 5 Info I​​​​​​​
Graph Visualization* Bachelor/Master Winter/Summer 5 Info I​​​​​​​
Software Engineering* Bachelor/Master Winter/Summer 5 Info II
IT Security* Bachelor/Master Winter/Summer 5 Info II
Current Topics in HCI  Bachelor Winter/Summer 5 Info IX​​​​​​​
HCI Master Seminar Master Winter/Summer 5 Info IX​​​​​​​
Current Trends of Games Engineering* Bachelor/Master Winter/Summer 5 Info IX​​​​​​​
Current Topics of Machine Learning* Bachelor/Master Winter/Summer 5 Info X

Praktika und Projekte

Module Degree Term CP Chair
Algorithmics* Master Winter/Summer 10 Info I
Praktikum Software Design and Quality* Bachelor/Master Winter/Summer 5/10 Info II
Praktikum Ethical Hacking Lab Bachelor/Master Summer 10 Info II
Praktikum Ethical Hacking Lab II Bachelor/Master Summer 10 Info II
Satellite Telecommunication Lab Master (Satec) Summer 6 Info VII
Floatsat Master Winter 6 Info VIII
Team Design Project Master Winter   Info VIII​​​​​​​
Game Research Lab – Theory* Master Winter/Summer 10 Info IX​​​​​​​
Game Research Lab – Architecture* Master Winter/Summer 10 Info IX​​​​​​​
Game Research Lab – Design* Master Winter/Summer 10 Info IX​​​​​​​
Game Research Lab – Applications* Master Winter/Summer 10 Info IX​​​​​​​
HCI project Interdisciplinary Master Winter/Summer 5 Info IX​​​​​​​
HCI project Exhibition Master Winter/Summer 5 Info IX​​​​​​​
Praktikum Machine Learning Bachelor/Master Winter/Summer 5/10 Info X


* In English if requested by at least one student.
** In English if requested by at least two students.