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XtAI Application

Application deadline for the winter term 2023/2024 : 15.03.2023


Only applicants who meet the requirements can apply for the XtAI programme. Before You submit the XtAI application, You must meet the XtAI requirements.

For application, the following documents must be submitted by e-mail and by post:

  1. Covering letter with motivation
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) with a recent photograph of the applicant.
  3. Certificates and diplomas/degrees of Your education (duly signed and stamped copies)
  4. Transcripts of all completed courses (duly signed and stamped copies; JMU transcripts need not be verified)
  5. List of computer science modules that satisfy the requirement of at least 80 ECTS in the field of computer science. Please use the following table: CS modules
  6. List of mathematics modules that satisfy the requirement of at least 20 ECTS in the field of mathematics. Please use the following table: Mathematics
  7. Thesis as PDF file (Please note that submitting the thesis as a pdf via email is sufficient. The thesis should not be sent by regular post. All other documents should be submitted by E-mail and regular post.)
  8. Proof of English language skills (IELTS or TOEFL or other recognised certificate. See Requirements point 4)
  9. Completely filled out application form from the International Office of the University of Würzburg (only for students who are not from Germany). 

For questions regarding the International Office (IO) application form please contact  Ms. Laug (E-mail: doris.laug[at]uni-wuerzburg.de).

Note: An officially certified  copy of all certificates or credentials must be attached to the application. If the original was not issued in German or English, an officially certified translation into German or English of all certificates is required. All documents should be submitted in the original language and in officially certified translations into English or German.

Submission of Application

All documents must be submitted by e-mail and by post to the following address: 

E-mail: xtai-applications[at]informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de

XtAI Course, Attn: Ms. Janna Omeliyanenko
Chair of Data Science (Computer Science X)
University of Würzburg
Am Hubland
97074 Würzburg

Aptitude Exam

To prepare for the XtAI aptitude exam, we recommend the following literature.

Aptitude Procedure

If the application is submitted on time and all requirements are met, the applicant will be invited to an aptitude test. The aim of the aptitude assessment procedure is to determine whether the applicant meets the increased requirements of the Master's programme eXtended Artificial Intelligence (XtAI) and is able to work scientifically and independently, especially with regard to participation in complex research and development projects. The aptitude assessment procedure consist of a written and an oral examination. The examination tests the applicant's competences in the following areas of XtAI: mathematicstheoretical computer science, practical computer science (algorithms and data structures, programming skills, software engineering) and technical computer science (computer systems and information transfer). Applicants with a Bachelor's degree with an average grade of 2.5 or above must take a written and oral examination. Applicants with a Bachelor's degree with an average grade of 2.0 only have to take the written examination. To be admitted to the XtAI programme, applicants must successfully pass these exams.

COVID-19: Under current Covid-19 situation, the written and oral exam for applicants can be held online.


Applicants who meet the requirements and pass the aptitude test should enrol at the JMU. Information on enrolment can be found under Enrolment.

Important XtAI dates:


Start of lecture period of the winter semester 2021/22: 18 October 2021

Futher Important Dates and deadlines of JMU can be found on the  student affairs website.

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