• humans and virtual reality
Institut für Informatik

XtAI Seminar I & II

In the XtAI Seminar students work independently on a current topic in the field of Extended Artificial Intelligence based on literature and software.

For the XtAI seminar modules, all computer science seminars that are geared towards masters students and have their core contents in the areas of artificial intelligence or human computer interaction (extended reality) may be taken. 

The following lecture chairs generally offer seminars in these areas:

  • LS 4 Computer Vision (WueStudy)
  • LS 6 Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
  • LS 9 Human Computer Interaction (WueStudy)
  • LS 10 Data Science (WueStudy)
  • LS 12 Natural Language Processing (WueStudy)
  • LS 15 Machine Learning for Complex Networks (WueStudy, WueStudy)

Please visit the teaching websites of the respective lecture chairs for details on available seminars within the current semester.
Note: Students at the university of Würzburg are expected to make their own arrangements for a place at a fitting seminar.