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Computer Vision Laboratory


BSc/MSc Lecture + Exercise "Computer Vision", 5CP, every Summer semester, WueStudy: 08180000 + 08180050, WueCampus Moodle

BSc/MSc Lecture + Exercise "Image Processing and Computational Photography", 5CP, every Winter semester, WueStudy: 08102700 + 08102750, WueCampus Moodle

BSc/MSc Seminar "Computer Vision", 5CP, every semester, WueStudy: 08151200, WueCampus Moodle

BSc/MSc Seminar "Vision and Language", 5CP, every semester, WueStudy: 08151210, WueCampus Moodle

Oberseminar "Computer Vision", every semester, WueStudy: 08152900

MSc Praktikum (Lab) "Computer Vision", 10CP, every semester, WueStudy: 08140710, WueCampus Moodle

MSc Praktikum (Lab) "Image Processing and Computational Photography", 10CP, every semester, WueStudy: 08140740, WueCampus Moodle

MSc Praktikum (Lab) "Vision and Language", 10CP, every semester, WueStudy: 08140760, WueCampus Moodle

MSc Praktikum (Lab) "Computational Astrophotography", 10CP, every Winter semester, WueStudy: 08140730, WueCampus Moodle

XtAI Lab 2, XtAI Lab3, every semester

Scientific Internship XtAI, every semester


Thesis Topics

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If you are a student interested in conducting research or application oriented projects in our laboratory on computer vision and AI related topics. You'll receive a desk and workstation in our laboratory.

Here is a list of our recent publications: Google Scholar

We are hiring students / HiWis / research and teaching assistant students.