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    Chair of Computer Science VIII - Aerospace Information Technology


    Development and operation of a technology testing satellite for highly autonomous payloads and artificial intelligence.

    (Artistic presentation of solar panel and antenna deployment of SONATE-2. : H. Kayal/JMU in July 2022)

    Status 05/11/2021:

    The SONATE-2 mission will verify novel artificial intelligence (AI) hardware and software technologies in miniaturized format in a low Earth orbit. By using such AI technologies, the satellite will be able to analyze the environment autonomously with its multiple sensors in visible and near infrared spectrum. Deep learning plays a central role as a versatile image processing tool. Thus, in addition to the classification of targets already known at the start of the mission, the payload will also have the capability of anomaly detection by on-board training for the detection of previously unknown objects or phenomena. As one of the secondary objectives, SONATE-2 will also be able to detect transient light phenomena such as lightnings by using image processing algorithms.

    Start of the project: 03/01/2021
    Duration: 4 years


    Oleksii Balagurin (Project Manager)

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hakan Kayal

    Publications, Media Articles

    14.04.2021 Press release of JMU for SONATE-2