KI 2024

Call for Papers

The 47th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence
September 25-27, 2024 in Würzburg (Germany)
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Scope and Venue

KI 2024 takes place in Würzburg, Germany, September 25 - 27, 2024.

KI 2024 is the 47th edition of the German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (abbreviated KI for "Künstliche Intelligenz") organized in cooperation with the Fachbereich Künstliche Intelligenz of Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI-SIG AI).

KI is one of the major European AI conferences and traditionally brings together academic and industrial researchers from all areas of AI, providing an ideal venue for exchanging news and research results on theory and applications. The technical program of KI 2024 comprises paper presentations as well as tutorials and workshops. 

Topics include all subareas of artificial intelligence comprising foundations as well as applications.

Submissions of Papers

We invite papers written in English and formatted according to the Springer LNCS style, in the following categories:

Original research papers

Original research papers can be submitted either as full technical papers or technical communications. In both cases a short summary (abstract) must be submitted until May 3rd (extended) in advance of the full paper submission. The deadline for the full paper submission is at May 12th (extended).

Full technical papers (12 pages max., excluding references)

These papers are expected to report on new research that makes a substantial technical contribution to the field. Additional details may be included in an appendix, which, however, will be read at the discretion of the PC. 

Technical communications (6 pages max., excluding references)

Technical communications can report on research in progress or other issues of interest to the AI community. Examples of work suitable for technical communication paper submissions include: novel ideas whose scope is not large enough for a full paper; important implementation techniques; novel interesting benchmark problems; short experimental studies; interesting applications that are not yet completely solved or analyzed; position or challenge papers.

Technical communication submissions are especially invited for software demonstrations or PhD work in progress. 

Summary of Already Accepted Papers at other AI-Conferences as Extended Abstracts

(3 pages max., excluding references)

Papers accepted at (most recent editions of) major AI conferences are welcome to bring together German members of the international AI community. Summaries in form of abstracts of accepted papers will be evaluated based on the ranking of the venue it has been accepted for. We especially invite abstracts of papers from A or A* ranked AI conferences.

These abstracts can also be submitted after the full paper deadline. The final deadline for these summarized resubmissions is June 6th.

Submit Paper

Full papers and technical communications will be subject to single-blind peer review based on the standard criteria of relevance, significance of results, originality of ideas, soundness, and quality of the presentation. Papers accepted in this process will be published in the main conference proceedings, published by Springer in the LNAI series and will be presented at the conference. At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the conference and present the contribution. The conference proceedings will be available in both online and printed formats. Printed copies will be accessible until stocks are depleted. 

The 3-page paper abstracts will be bundled and included in a preface or appendix section of the conference proceedings.

List of Topics

KI 2024 also invites original research and application papers on all aspects of AI research and AI applications, including but not limited to the following:

  • Cognitive Modeling & Cognitive Systems
  • Computer Vision
  • Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization
  • Game Theory and Economic Paradigms
  • Humans and AI
  • Intelligent Robotics
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Machine Learning
  • Multiagent Systems
  • Philosophy and Ethics of AI
  • Planning, Routing, and Scheduling
  • Reasoning under Uncertainty
  • Search and Optimization
  • Speech & Natural Language Processing


  • 15.04.24 Workshop & Tutorial Proposals
  • 20.04.24 Abstract Submissions
  • 03.05.24 Abstract Submissions
  • 27.04.24 Full Paper Submissions
  • 12.05.24 Full Paper Submissions
  • 02.06.24 Summarized Resubmissions
  • 15.06.24 Notification
  • 10.07.24 Final Submission

Deadline Extension

The deadline for the Abstract and Full Paper Submission has been extended! You can find the current dates in the Important Dates.