Natural Language Processing

    Praktikum NLP

    Practical Course at a Glance

    Praktikum in NLP allows you to obtain practical skills in modern natural language processing.

    Practical Course at a Glance

    The practical project will be carried out in teams of 2-3 students. Teams may choose the same or different topics. In every term, we offer several topics.  

    Topics for summer semester 2023: 

    • Detecting and evaluating hallucinations in Large Language Models (for example: InstructGPT, Stanford Alpaca, ChatGPT) 
    • Multilingual evaluation (in cross-lingual transfer) of Large Language Models  
    • NLP for low-resource languages (e.g., AfriSenti)

    Deliverables: The project ideally results in a practical application of modern NLP models, possibly with an interface (typically a web app) for accessing the implemented NLP models/tools.


    • Register in this WueCampus2 course page by end of April
    • Attend the kickoff meeting at the beginning of May (the first or second week )
    • Work as a group and get biweekly feedback from your advisors throughout the semester 
    • Give a meaningful presentation including a Q&A session mid-July
    • Hand in your report describing your system by the end of the lecture period (end of July)

    Throughout the semester, the information will be primarily shared via the  WueCampus page of the course.