Lernen. Wissen. Daten. Analysen. (LWDA) 2024


A few impressions

Internet during the conference

The venue offers eduroam (education roaming) which is is an international roaming service for users in research, higher education and further education. It provides researchers, teachers, and students easy and secure network access when visiting us. Authentication of users is performed by their home institution.

In addition, we provide @BayernWLAN, which provides wireless connection free of charge in Bavaria. It is unsecure and thus, we recommend to use VPN in addition.

Further information on both networks can be found here.

How to get there

How to reach Hubland Süd

The computer science building (path to the Institute of Computer Science) is located directly on the Ringstraße that runs around Hubland's Campus Süd. It is easily recognizable by the large antenna mast on the roof.