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The Handbook on Socially Interactive Agents, ACM Volume 2


Volume 2 of The handbook on Socially Interactive Agents: 20 years of Research on Embodied Conversational Agents, Intelligent Virtual Agents, and Social Robotics, edited by Birgit Lugrin, Catherine Pelachaud and David Traum, and published by ACM is out now.

Volume 2: Interactivity, Platforms, Application, can be found

The Handbook on Socially Interactive Agents provides a comprehensive overview of the research fields of Embodied Conversational Agents; Intelligent Virtual Agents; and Social Robotics. Socially Interactive Agents (SIAs); whether virtually or physically embodied; are autonomous agents that are able to perceive an environment including people or other agents; reason; decide how to interact; and express attitudes such as emotions; engagement; or empathy. They are capable of interacting with people and one another in a socially intelligent manner using multimodal communicative behaviors; with the goal to support humans in various domains.

Written by international experts in their respective fields; the book summarizes research in the many important research communities pertinent for SIAs; while discussing current challenges and future directions. The handbook provides easy access to modeling and studying SIAs for researchers and students; and aims at further bridging the gap between the research communities involved.

The second volume starts with perspectives on interaction; examined from different angles such as interaction in social space; group interaction; or long-term interaction. It also includes an extensive overview summarizing research and systems of human–agent platforms and of some of the major application areas of SIAs such as education; aging support; autism; and games.