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    Natural Language Processing

    Winter semester 23/24

    In the Winter Semester 23/24. WueNLP (LS XII) offers the following courses/modules: 

    Course Type Level WueCampus
    Algorithmen, KI und Data Science 1 Lectures + Exercises (V+Ü) Bachelor  Link
    KI & DS Lab 1 Labs/Praktikum Bachelor KI&DS  Link
    Data Science for Digital Humanities 1 Lectures + Exercises ("Seminar" in Humanities) Bachelor & Master  Link
    Seminar Natural Language Processing Seminar Bachelor & Master  Link
    Praktikum Natural Language Processing Praktikum Master  Link
    Seminar Vision and Language Seminar Master (optionally Bachelor)  Link
    Praktikum Vision and Language Praktikum Master  Link
    Seminar Text Mining for Computational Humanities Seminar Master  Link
    Oberseminar NLP Seminar PhD  
    Thesis supervision Thesis Bachelor & Master