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Green Communication Networks

Energy consumption, energy efficiency, and sustainability remain current and relevant issues in our society. This not only extends to end devices of users, but every aspect of communication networks. Balancing the ever increasing demand for network usage, growing data volume, and number of end devices with sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic. This research group is focused on defining metrics and models to enable the quantification of energy efficiency, sustainability, and Quality of Information in communication networks.

Modeling the energy consumption of key network components builds the foundation for determining the energy efficiency and sustainability of communication network infrastructure. Detailed energy consumption models enable the theoretical analysis of network configurations and are paramount to optimize the network for sustainability. Furthermore, it is essential to also consider Quality of Service, achieved Quality of Experience using networks, and Quality of Information of the transmitted data.

To evaluate the developed energy consumption, energy efficiency, and sustainability models, a representative, real world comparison is required. Continuously monitoring the network state and energy consumption together, allow for a detailed comparison between real systems and models, to determine the accuracy of the models. It is, however, key to impact the devices under test as little as possible to derive network quality as accurately as possible. 

Current Projects

Green and Energy Monitoring for Future Network Infrastructures enabling also Large Deployments (GREENFIELD)
(Januar 2024 – Dezember 2026)

This project aims to define and measure energy efficiency and ecological sustainability for communication networks and assess the potential optimizations in existing networks and application scenarios.

Recent Publications

  • Plan the Access? Generic Hardware Independent Energy Consumption and Efficiency Model for Different LoRaWAN Channel Access Approaches. Loh, Frank; Raffeck, Simon; Geißler, Stefan; Hoßfeld, Tobias. In IEEE Internet of Things Journal. 2024.