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Lehrstuhl für Informatik III
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Unassigned Theses/Student Projects

Supervised Theses

  • Komander-Gaitan, P.: Measurement of Social Networks within Mobile Messaging Applications, (2023).
  • Steinbeck, A.: Network Measurement of Mobile Instant Messaging Traffic, (2023).
  • Full, D.: Investigating Quality of Experience of Video Conferencing via Crowdsourcing, (2023).
  • Hufen, S.: OMNeT++ Simulation for Investigating the Impact of Edge Caching for Mobile Instant Messaging, (2022).
  • Kilicarslan, S.: Simulative Performance Evaluation of Device-to-Device-based Mobile Messaging, (2022).
  • Bühler, M.: Modelling the Communication behavior in WhatsApp, (2021).

Lectures (Teaching Assistant)

  • Control Principles of Modern Communication Systems (WS22/23)

Seminar Talks (Tutor)

User-centric Communication Networks (UCN) (SS23)

  • R.L.: Non-errestrial Networks: State of the Art and Challenges   

User-centric Communication Networks (UCN) (WS22/23)

  • L.K.: Measurement Studies of Short Video Services
  • J.P.: Predicting Attentiveness in Mobile Instant Messaging

User-centric Communication Networks (UCN) (SS22)

  • D.L.: Relational Deep Reinforcement Learning for Routing in Wireless Networks

User-centric Communication Networks (UCN) (WS21/22)

  • J.K.: Operating System Fingerprinting
  • S.B.: Device Fingerprinting in Communication Networks: Applications in IoT Security

User-centric Communication Networks (UCN) (SS21)

  • S.H.: Caching for Encrypted Content