Lehrstuhl für Informatik III


Full Stack Networking Group

Our cozy, little group takes care of everything networking-related. We are not ashamed to get our hands dirty to tinker and solder some RF and IoT equipment together. Neither do we shy away from testing and toying with shapers and schedulers, transport protocols or applications and their protocols.

In the end, all of these layers interact with each other. Your transport protocol will influence the application behavior. And the transport protocol will in turn have to operate with the conditions set by the physical channel and the link layer. This simply means that in order to understand a system we have to understand each and every layer of it.

That is what we are trying to achieve. And there are few more demanding demo applications than video games. The properties (and interactions with lower layers) of multiplayer online video games and cloud gaming are one of our leitmotifs in our research.


Dr. Florian Metzger

Head of Research Group

Alexej Grigorjew M. Sc.

Doctoral Researcher

Nicholas Gray M. Sc.

Doctoral Researcher

Frank Loh M. Sc.

Doctoral Researcher

Current Projects

(March 2019 - February 2022)

On the example of the city of Würzburg the project 5MART develops and evaluates communication technologies and architectures (5G and LPWAN) and open data platforms for smart cities.