Lehrstuhl für Informatik III

Katharina Dietz M. Sc.

Telefon (0931) 31-87343 (im Moment nicht besetzt, bitte per Mail melden)
E-Mail katharina.dietz@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de
Raum A212


Lehrstuhl für Informatik III
Am Hubland
D-97074 Würzburg

Lectures (Teaching Assistant)

  • Leistungsbewertung verteilter Systeme (LBVS) (SS23)
  • Leistungsbewertung verteilter Systeme (LBVS) (SS22)
  • Steuerungsprinzipien moderner Kommunikationssysteme (SKS) (WS20/21)

Seminar Talks (Tutor)

User-centric Communication Networks (UCN) (WS22/23)

  • M. E.: MimicNet: Fast Performance Estimates for Data Center Networks with Machine Learning (based on the SIGCOMM Paper by Zhang et al.)

User-centric Communication Networks (UCN) (SS22)

  • P. A.: Graph Neural Networks for Malware Detection

User-centric Communication Networks (UCN) (WS21/22)

  • Y. S.: Firewall Fingerprinting
  • A. N.: Malware Fingerprinting

User-centric Communication Networks (UCN) (SS21)

  • M. S.: QoE and Privacy
  • B. H.: QoE and Security

User-centric Communication Networks (UCN) (WS20/21)

  • P. K.: Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Routing
  • M. E.: Reinforcement Learning for Network Security

Next Generation Networks (NGN) (SS20)

  • L. R.: SDN in the Datacenter: Usecases and Challenges
  • A. R.: SDN outside the Datacenter: SD-WAN and Co.

Unassigned Theses/Student Projects

Supervised Theses

  • Performance Evaluation of Feature Representation Transfer Approaches for Video QoE Estimation Across Different Networks Ceanuri Devesa, Jaione Karmele PhD thesis, University of Würzburg. (2022, July).
  • Building a GAN from Scratch for Synthesizing Data Samples for the Use Case of Browser Fingerprinting Sichermann, Marleen PhD thesis, University of Würzburg. (2022, March).
  • Experimental Evaluation Tool for Exploring User-based Active Learning for ML-based Browser and URL Detection Glauer, Steven PhD thesis, University of Würzburg. (2022, September).
  • Plausible Performance Prediction of Simulated SDN-enabled Networks via Machine Learning Ebner, Markus PhD thesis, University of Würzburg. (2021, July).
  • Evaluation of Data Augmentation for Machine Learning on Network Traffic Khelloqi, Sanaa PhD thesis, University of Würzburg. (2021, April).