Reception by the City of Würzburg

    Monday evening - Rathaus Würzburg

    There will be a reception by the lord mayor.

    The most spectacular side-seeing walk leads from the residence via dome and marketplace to the town hall and the old Main Bridge.

    The residence is a long time culture heritage of the UNESCO. It is most famous for its amazing ceiling fresco.

    The dome has been destroyed together with nearly the whole city in the Second World War in March 1945. Because everything was rebuilt in the 50s and 60s, Würzburg is a baroque city build in the last century. That rebuilt dome already has been renovated last year so that it shines like new. Remarkable is the clerical museum next to the dome.
    Saint Mary's chapel on the marketplace seems by its size like a church but it was not built by the order of the bishop, hence it is not allowed to be called church. But even without this Würzburg has more than 60 churches.

    The town hall is next to the sculptured bridge over the river Main. It exposes a beautiful side of the other riverside feathering the fortress and the “Käppele”.

    Down the riverside the museum of concrete paintings is worth to be visited.