• Rene Alt, Svetoslav Markov, Margarita Kambourova, Nadja Radchenkova and Spasen Vassilev
      On the mathematical modelling of a batch fermentation process using interval data and verification methods slides
    • Roumen Anguelov and Svetoslav Markov
      On the sets of H- and D-continuous interval functions slides
    • Ekaterina Auer
      Result Verification and Uncertainty Management in Engineering Applications slides
    • Balázs Bánhelyi, Tibor Csendes, Tibor Krisztin and Arnold Neumaier
      On a conjecture of Wright slides
    • Balázs Bánhelyi and Balázs Lévai
      Verified localization of trajectories with prescribed behaviour in the forced damped pendulum slides
    • Lars Balzer
      SONIC – a nonlinear solver slides
    • Andrej Bauer
      Programming techniques for exact real arithmetic slides
    • Henning Behnke
      Curve Veering for the Parameter-Dependent Clamped Plate 
    • Sylvie Boldo
      Formal verification of tricky numerical computations slides
    • Chemseddine Chohra, Philippe Langlois and David Parello
      Level 1 Parallel RTN-BLAS: Implementation and Efficiency Analysis slides
    • Sylvain Collange, David Defour, Stef Graillat and Roman Iakymchuk
      Reproducible and Accurate Matrix Multiplication for High-Performance Computing slides
    • Boris S. Dobronets and Olga A. Popova
      Numerical probabilistic approach for optimization problems slides
    • Jack Dongarra
      Algorithmic and Software Challenges at Extreme Scales slides
    • Pacôme Eberhart, Julien Brajard, Pierre Fortin and Fabienne Jézéquel
      Towards High Performance Stochastic Arithmetic slides
    • Abdelrahman Elskhawy, Kareem Ismail and Maha Zohdy
      Modal Interval Floating Point Unit with Decorations slides
    • Jürgen Garloff and Mohammad Adm
      Sign Regular Matrices Having the Interval Property slides 
    • Jürgen Garloff and Tareq Hamadneh
      Convergence of the Rational Bernstein Form 
    • Valentin Golodov
      Interval regularization approach to the Firordt method of the spectroscopic analysis of the nonseparated mixtures slides
    • Stef Graillat, Christoph Lauter, Ping Tak Peter Tang, Naoya Yamanka and Shin’ichi Oishi
      A method of calculating faithful rounding of l2-norm for n-vectors slides
    • John Gustafson
      An Energy-Efficient and Massively Parallel Approach to Valid Numerics slides
    • David Hartman and Milan Hladik
      Towards tight bounds on the radius of nonsingularity slides
    • Tomohirio Hiwaki and Nobito Yamamoto
      A numerical verification method for a basin of a limit cycle slides
    • Milan Hladik
      Optimal preconditioning for the interval parametric Gauss–Seidel method slides
    • Jaroslav Horacek and Milan Hladik
      On Unsolvability of Overdetermined Interval Linear Systems slides
    • Luc Jaulin, Jordan Ninin, Stéphane Le Menec and Alexandru Stancu
      Computing capture tubes slides
    • Claude-Pierre Jeannerod and Siegfried M. Rump
      On relative errors of floating-point operations: optimal bounds and applications
    • Hao Jiang, Feng Wang, Yunfei Du and Lin Peng
      Fast Implementation of Quad-Precision GEMM on ARMv8 64-bit Multi-Core Processor
    • Ralph Baker Kearfott
      Some Observations on Exclusion Regions in Interval Branch and Bound Algorithms slides
    • Takehiko Kinoshita, Yoshitaka Watanabe and Mitsuhiro T. Nakao
      Some remarks on the rigorous estimation of inverse linear elliptic operators slides
    • Kenta Kobayashi
      Computer-Assisted Uniqueness Proof for Stokes’ Wave of Extreme Form
    • Kenta Kobayashi and Takuya Tsuchiya
      Error Estimations of Interpolations on Triangular Elements slides
    • Michal Konecny, Walid Taha, Jan Duracz and Amin Farjudian
      Implementing the Interval Picard Operator slides
    • Bartłomiej Jacek Kubica
      Interval methods for solving various kinds of quantified nonlinear problems slides
    • S. I. Kumkov
      Applied techniques of interval analysis for estimation of experimental data slides
    • Olga Kupriianova and Christoph Lauter
      Replacing branches by polynomials in vectorizable elementary functions slides
    • Xuefeng Liu and Shin'Ichi Oishi
      Verified lower eigenvalue bounds for self-adjoint differential operators slides
    • Luc Longpre and Vladik Kreinovich
      Towards the possibility of objective interval uncertainty in physics. II slides
    • Joe Lorkowski and Vladik Kreinovich
      How much for an interval? a set? a twin set? a p-box? a Kaucher interval? An economics-motivated approach to decision making under uncertainty slides
    • Wolfram Luther
      A workflow for modeling, visualizing, and querying uncertain (GPS-)localization using interval arithmetic slides
    • Amin Maher and Hossam A. H. Fahmy
      Using range arithmetic in evaluation of compact models slides
    • Mihály Csaba Markót and Zoltán Horváth
      Finding positively invariant sets of ordinary differential equations using interval global optimization methods slides
    • Günter Mayer
      A short description of the symmetric solution set slides
    • Atsushi Minamihata, Kouta Sekine, Takeshi Ogita, Siegfried M. Rump and Shin’ichi Oishi
      A Simple Modified Verification Method for Linear Systems slides
    • Shinya Miyajima
      Fast inclusion for the matrix inverse square root slides
    • Shinya Miyajima
      Verified solutions of saddle point linear systems slides
    • Makoto Mizuguchi, Akitoshi Takayasu, Takayuki Kubo and Shin’ichi Oishi
      A method of verified computations for nonlinear parabolic equations slides
    • Makoto Mizuguchi, Akitoshi Takayasu, Takayuki Kubo and Shin’ichi Oishi
      A sharper error estimate of verified computations for nonlinear heat equations. slides
    • Tiago Montanher and Walter Mascarenhas
      An Interval arithmetic algorithm for global estimation of hidden Markov model parameters slides
    • Hong Diep Nguyen and James Demmel
      Toward hardware support for Reproducible Floating-Point Computation slides
    • Jordan Ninin and Nathalie Revol
      Accurate and efficient implementation of affine arithmetic using floating-point arithmetic slides
    • Takeshi Ogita
      Iterative Refinement for Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems
    • Katsuhisa Ozaki, Takeshi Ogita and Shin’ichi Oishi
      Automatic Verified Numerical Computations for Linear Systems slides
    • Bhagyesh V. Patil and P. S. V. Nataraj
      Bernstein branch-and-bound algorithm for unconstrained global optimization of multivariate polynomial MINLPs slides
    • Evgenija D. Popova
      Improved Enclosure for Parametric Solution Sets with Linear Shape slides
    • John Pryce
      The architecture of the IEEE P1788 draft standard for interval arithmetic slides
    • Andreas Rauh, Luise Senkel and Harald Aschemann
      Verified Parameter Identification for Dynamic Systems with Non-Smooth Right-Hand Sides slides
    • Andreas Rauh, Luise Senkel and Harald Aschemann
      Computation of Confidence Regions in Reliable, Variable-Structure State and Parameter Estimation slides
    • Andreas Rauh, Ramona Westphal, Harald Aschemann and Ekaterina Auer
      Exponential Enclosure Techniques for Initial Value Problems with Multiple Conjugate Complex Eigenvalues slides
    • Luise Senkel, Andreas Rauh and Harald Aschemann
      Numerical Validation of Sliding Mode Approaches with Uncertainty slides
    • Irene A. Sharaya and Sergey P. Shary
      Reserve as recognizing functional for AE-solutions to interval system of linear equations slides
    • Sergey P. Shary
      Maximum Consistency Method for Data Fitting under Interval Uncertainty slides
    • Stefan Siegel
      An Implementation of Complete Arithmetic
    • Igor Sokolov
      Non-arithmetic approach to dealing with uncertainty in fuzzy arithmetic slides
    • Christoph Spandl
      True orbit simulation of dynamical systems and its computational complexity slides
    • Kazuaki Tanaka and Shin’ichi Oishi
      Numerical verification for periodic stationary solutions to the Allen-Cahn equation
    • Philippe Theveny
      Choice of metrics in interval arithmetic slides
    • Tomoki Uda
      Numerical Verification for Elliptic Boundary Value Problem with Nonconforming P1 Finite Elements slides
    • Ronald van Nooijen and Alla Kolechkina
      Two applications of interval analysis to parameter estimation in hydrology. slides
    • Charlie Vanaret, Jean-Baptiste Gotteland, Nicolas Durand and Jean-Marc Alliot
      Combining Interval Methods with Evolutionary Algorithms for Global Optimization slides
    • Yao Zhao, Gang Xu and Mark Stadtherr
      Dynamic Load Balancing for Rigorous Global Optimization of Dynamic Systems

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