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Chair of Computer Science III

Student Project: Cloud Applications and Networks (Praktikum)

Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Florian Wamser

General Remarks

The student projects (German: Praktikum) are suitable for both the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs and can also be tailored to suit individual needs, skills or interests. The focus is more on practical work than with a thesis. It nevertheless has a strong scientific character with evaluations and scientific work. Interested students are expressly invited to contact the supervisor or other assistants of the research group Cloud Applications and Networks (CAN) directly.


We attach great importance to a research-related and timely topic in connection with currently running projects or research interests at the Chair. Consequently, available topic areas are:

  • Investigation of current or emerging Internet applications
  • Measurements of current Internet services and performance evaluation
  • Development of monitoring concepts and measurement methodologies for IT infrastructures, cloud architectures and applications
  • 5G communications and concepts in the field of mobile networks
  • Crowdsourcing as a measurement concept for mobile communications, Internet applications and mobile apps
  • Measurement of cellular networks and applications
  • Blockchain

The specific content of the project is defined in consultation with the supervising assistant. The topics will then be discussed with Prof. Hoßfeld before worked on by the student.

A list with specific topics can be found here: Open Theses. However, this list may not be complete. In addition, additional, selected topics can be offered after consultation with the supervising assistant. Furthermore, there are other student projects available at the Chair with other research focuses: Analyse und Management von nutzerzentrierten Kommunikationsnetzen and Konzepte, Algorithmen und Leistungsuntersuchungen für zukünftige Internet-Strukturen. Just contact us if you are interested!

Organizational Remarks

Those interested in the projects must contact the supervisor or the researcher on their own to select a topic and agree on the exact tasks. It is usually a good idea to do projects in preparation for (or after) a Bachelor's Thesis, lecture or Master's Thesis. A written report of the project is mandatory according to the examination regulations.

We offer all participants very intensive support (basically weekly meetings, in the event of difficulties also beyond this; workplace at the chair), but we also expect great initiative and commitment from the students. In this way, we offer the students the opportunity to participate in current and relevant research and to advance it through their own successful contribution.