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Courses and Research Projects at Hanoi University of Science and Technology

The below listed courses and study projects in the fields of "Electronic Engineering" and "Communication Engineering" are offered at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology. These courses are held in English. A course will only take place if there are enough attendees. In principle, each course can be attended by both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students. Details on course registration will be discussed with Prof. Dr. Tobias Hoßfeld at the beginning. Upon successful completion of a course, the corresponding ECTS are credited for the elective subject at the University of Würzburg:

An overview of possible courses for WS21/22 can be found here: (29/04/2021)

Note: In principle, all courses of the HUST are possible after consultation, but we recommend to take the courses of the SET (School of Electronics and Telecommunications). The SET courses are described in detail in the document linked below.

Participants of the exchange program state which courses they would like to enroll in the  Learning Agreement. Each participant must achieve 30 ECTS per semester.

Name ECTS Degree
Fundamentals of Data Communications 6 U
Information Theory 4 U
Statistics 6 U
Signals and Systems 6 U
Telecommunication Systems 6 U
Advanced Information Theory and Channel Coding 4 G
Cloud and Edge Computing 4 G
Communication Networks 4 G
Complex Network and Applications 6 G
Digital Image Processing 6 G
Digital Signal Processing 6 G
Future Internet 4 G
Microwave Engineering 4 G
Mobile Communications 4 G
Multimedia Systems 4 G
Network Security 4 G
Optical Communications 4 G
Research Methodology 4 G
Research Project I 6 G
Research Project II 6 G
Satellite Communications 4 G
Sound Signal Processing 6 G
System Modelling and Numerical Simulation Method 4 G
Telecommunication Network Planning and Management 4 G
Virtual Reality and Enforcement Reality 4 G
Wireless Communication System Analysis and Design 4 G

U: Undergraduate (≈ Bachelor's degree);  

G: Graduate (≈ Master's degree)


 A more detailed description, in both Vietnamese and English, of the above courses can be found in this document: