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Chair of Computer Science III

Computer Networks and Telecommunication (RIÜ)

Mandatory module: "Rechnernetze und Informationsübertragung" [previously : Informationsübertragung]     

Contents of the lecture

  • Computer networks and the Internet
  • Characteristics of computer and communication systems: switching principles and data traffic in distributed systems
  • Architecture and structure of computer networks: network structure, network access, access methods, data flow control and traffic routing
  • Communication protocols: basic principle and layer model
  • Internet: structure and basic mechanisms, TCP / IP, routing
  • Coding theory, coding for error detection and error correction
  • Information theory
  • Digital transmission systems 

Teaching concept

The so called "Flipped Classroom" concept is used for the lecture. This concept consists of two elementary phases:  self-study phase und attendance phase.

Self-study phase

  • Self-study of the content using teaching packages provided on WueCampus
  • Screencasts with voice track of lectures
  • Lecture slides

Attendance phase

  • Joint strengthening of content learnt in self-study phase
  • Joint clarification of open questions or problems
  • Exercises for the discussion of the central aspects of the lecture contents
  • During lecture time using an online video conference tool


  • Lecturer:  Prof. Dr. Tobias Hoßfeld
  • Time and place: Thu 12:15-13:45, Fr 10:15-11:45, (Online)
  • Start: Thu, 05.11.2020
  • Supporting literature: Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach; by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross


  • Supervisor: Nikolas Wehner M. Sc.
  • Time and place: Mo 14-16, Do 14-16, Fr 12-14 (Online) / Mi 08-10, Mi 11-13 (HS2)
  • Start: tba

All data about the course can be found on WueCampus. Lecture in WueStudy.