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    Chair of Computer Science III

    Dr. rer. nat. Rainer Müller



    Mar 1995 - Jul 1997


    Modernes Motormanagement mit Neuronalen Netzen


    2007[ to top ]
    • Neural adaptive ignition control Müller, Rainer; Hemberger, Hans-Hubert in SAE (2007). 981057 97–102.
    • Engine control using neural networks: A new method in engine management systems Hemberger, Hans-Hubert; Müller, Rainer; Baier, Karlheinz in MECCANICA (2007). 32 423–430.
    2000[ to top ]
    • Neural combustion control Müller, Rainer in International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks ICANN (2000).
    1999[ to top ]
    • An Approach for the Identification of Nonlinear, Dynamic Processes with Kalman Filter Trained Recurrent Neural Networks Müller, Rainer; Heister, Frank (1999).
    1998[ to top ]
    • Modernes Motormanagement mit Neuronalen Netzen Müller, Rainer PhD thesis, University of Wuerzburg. (1998, August).
    1995[ to top ]
    • Moment approximation in product form queueing networks Müller, Rainer; Mittler, Manfred (1995).
    1994[ to top ]
    • Sojourn time distribution of the asymmetric M/M/1//N-system with LCFS-PR service Mittler, Manfred; Müller, Rainer (1994).