Deutsch Intern
    Chair of Computer Science III

    Susanna Schwarzmann M. Sc.


    Jan 2017 - Jun 2018



    • 1.
      Schwarzmann, S., Breitbach, P., Zinner, T.: Computing QoE-relevant Adaptive Video Streaming Metrics using Discrete-Time Analysis. Third International Workshop on Quality of Experience Management 2019 (2019).


    • 1.
      Schwarzmann, S., Zinner, T., Sieber, C., Geißler, S.: Evaluation of the Benefits of Variable Segment Durations for Adaptive Streaming. The 2nd International Workshop on Quality of Experience Management. , Sardinia, Italy (2018).
    • 2.
      Schwarzmann, S., Blenk, A., Dobrijevic, O., Jarschel, M., Hotho, A., Zinner, T., Wamser, F.: Big-Data Helps SDN to Improve Application Specific Quality of Service. Big Data and Software Defined Networks. Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) (2018).
    • 3.
      Schatz, R., Schwarzmann, S., Zinner, T., Dobrijevic, O., Liotou, E., Pocta, P., Baraković, S., Baraković Husić, J., Skorin-Kapov, L.: QoE Management for Future Networks. Autonomous Control for a Reliable Internet of Services: Methods, Models, Approaches, Techniques, Algorithms and Tools. Springer (2018).


    • 1.
      Schwarzmann, S., Zinner, T., Dobrijevic, O.: Quantitative Comparison of Application-Network Interaction: A Case Study of Adaptive Video Streaming. Springer Quality and User Experience. (2017).


    • 1.
      Schwarzmann, S.: Measurement-based Comparison of Different Application-Network Interaction Approaches, (2016).
    • 2.
      Schwarzmann, S., Zinner, T., Dobrijevic, O.: Towards a Framework for Comparing QoE-Centric Mechanisms of Application-Network Interaction. Proceedings of the 4th International IEEE Workshop on Quality of Experience Centric Management (2016). , Würzburg (2016).


    • 1.
      Zinner, T., Lemmerich, F., Schwarzmann, S., Hirth, M., Karg, P., Hotho, A.: Text Categorization for Deriving the Application Quality in Enterprises using Ticketing Systems. 17th International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery (DaWaK 2015). , Valencia, Spain (2015).


    • 1.
      Schwarzmann, S.: Estimating Perceived User Quality using Support Tickets in an Enterprise-IT Environment, (2014).
    • 2.
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