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    Multimediageräte für multimodale soziale Benutzerschnittstellen

    The Dr.-Herbert-Brause-Stiftung funded the HCI group with 30.000 € dedicated to a multitouch table and a social robot. With it, the storytelling demonstrator XROADS (http://hci.uni-wuerzburg.de/projects/xroads/) can be extended by a robotic storyteller to a novel interactive emotional experience. The Robot Game Master takes on the role of different characters, which the human players meet during the adventure, as well as of the narrator. The demonstration presents a novel software and hardware platform that allows the robot to (1) proactively lead through the storyline and to (2) react to changes in the ongoing game in real-time, while (3) fostering players’ collaborations.

    Funding: Dr. Herbert-Brause-Stiftung

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    2018[ to top ]
    • Follow the White Robot - A Role-Playing Game with a Robot Game Master Fischbach, Martin; Brandt, Michael; Zimmerer, Chris; Lugrin, Jean-Luc; Latoschik, Marc Erich; Lugrin, Birgit in 17th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems (AAMAS 2018), AAMAS \u002718 (2018). 1812–1814.