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Anna Riedmann


Anna completed her studies in media communication at the University of Würzburg. During this time, she worked as a student worker at the Chair of Computer Science IX in the research group UrbanHistory4D (, where she investigated the communication of contextual information through spatial positioning of historical photographs in Virtual Reality. In 2020 she graduated with a Master of Science degree, specializing in technology-enhanced learning.

Since October 2019, Anna has been working as a research assistant in the interdisciplinary research group for Media Informatics, focusing on Technology-supported Education. Initially, she was responsible for the development of the freely accessible e-learning course "Digital Media - An Introduction to Media Informatics" for the Virtual University of Bavaria. Additionally, she played a significant role in the development and validation of an evidence-based reading app as part of the MobiLe3 project. Anna's research focuses on field research regarding the deployment of intelligent virtual agents and mobile devices in the context of (primary) education. Furthermore, she is interested in the practical application of Machine Learning concepts in the field of education.

Research Interests:

  • Technology-supported Learning
  • Machine Learning in Education
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Evaluation of User Interfaces
  • Serious Games



  • Seminar: Medienproduktion – Virtuelle Welten und Augmented Reality mit Unity gestalten
  • Seminar: Analyse, Konzeption & Produktion von Medien – Virtuelle Welten und Agenten mit Unity gestalten
  • Seminar: Gamification und virtuelle Agenten im E-Learning
  • Seminar: App Konzeption und Evaluation
  • Seminar: Technologiegestütztes Lernen mit sozialen Robotern
  • Seminar: Multimedia Applications
  • Seminar: Multimodale Intelligente Systeme

Contact Details

Anna Riedmann
Chair for Computer Science V
Socially Interactive Agents
Universität Würzburg
Am Hubland (Campus Süd) 
D-97074 Würzburg, Germany

Tel: +49 931 31 86625

Room: B109, Building M2
Consultation-Hour: by appointment