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WueMue: Transformation experiment for waste separation, avoidance and recycling at JMU Würzburg

The awareness of and need for environmental protection and environmentally friendly behavior, such as recycling and waste separation and especially waste prevention, are undoubtedly crucial in times of climate crisis. The correct separation and recycling of materials is not only beneficial from an environmental point of view, but also preserves the value of the materials and reduces the need for additional production. Ideally, waste is correctly separated by the consumer and returned for recycling. This requires the integration of recycling structures into the everyday lives of consumers, especially in the workplace. In addition, role models and targeted actions, such as training courses, can be used to establish a sustainable awareness of the handling of recyclable materials and far-reaching sensitization to environmental protection, the use of resources and university structures.

The aim of this transformation experiment is to make a contribution to the long-term and sustained reduction of greenhouse gases through the resource-conserving handling of waste. The focus here is on the investigation and development of solutions for

  • Waste avoidance
  • Better waste separation
  • Optimization of waste disposal processes
  • Raising awareness among the status groups

The WueMue transformation project will run for one year and is funded by the WueLab (link:

Funding: WueLab

Duration: 2024 - 2025

Responsible Persons: Prof. Dr. Birgit Lugrin, Dr. Markus Leisegang (Experimentelle Physik)

Involved researchers

Prof. Dr. Birgit Lugrin

Anna Riedmann