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Chair of Computer Science V


Teaching is conducted in German. Therfore, related web pages are maintained in German. 


The teaching in media informatics is mainly related to the bachelor course Media Communication (B.Sc.) and the master course Psychology of Digital Media (M.Sc.). In the age of the internet and with the increasing influence of digital media, the integration of (media) informatics is essential to provide an education that will enable students to enter the professional life in the field of (digital) media.

According to our teaching philosophy, the integration of research and teaching at universities should be promoted and practiced, but a solid basic education should not be neglected at the expense of research.

To teach the basics of media informatics, classical lectures with integrated exercises are offered in the first semesters. These include digital media types, such as digital images, audio or video, and in particular how these data are digitized, compressed and processed. In addition, the basics of the WWW and hypermedia are covered.

For the higher semesters, practical seminars on media production and practical specialisations are offered. Subsequent bachelor-theses are advertised as research-related.

The Master's programme is predominantly research-oriented. Current trends in research and teaching areas of media informatics in Würzburg are learned in detail, worked on in small groups and further developed together with the lecturers.