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Chair of Computer Science III

New Internet Applications: Techniques and Modeling (NIA)

in the optional module: "Selected Topics in Internet Technologies"


  • Lecturer: Florian Metzger
  • Time and place: Donnerstags 14-16, online
  • Starts: 21.10.2021


  • Lecturer: Florian Metzger
  • Time and place: Donnerstags 16-18, online
  • Starts: 28.10.2021

Lecture Contents

  • Fundamental principles of the Internet, including a discussion of technical, societal and regulatory requirements
  • Contemporary transport services and protocols (incl. TCP congestion control, AQM, QUIC)
  • Multimedia and interactive applications (from video coding to streaming, quality metrics, special requirements of audio/video conferencing and games)
  • Decentralized and federated mechanisms and applications (e.g., Tor, IPFS, social networks, messenger)
  • Foray into the Internet of Things and Software Defined Radios

Lecture Concept

The goal of the lecture is to introduce you to a modern Internet applications landscape and inspire discussion. The lecture focusses on aspects that apply to the Internet at large, viewed from an end-to-end perspective. The discussion may reveal that the reason for many Internet design decisions is not always a "technical optimality", but can be much more diverse.

Tutorials Contents

The tutorials focus around the performance evaluation of communication networks, from using specific networking applications and tools to aspects of data science to evaluate and interpret experimental data. The tutorials will introduce the programming language R and use it as a basis for data science.

All lecture and tutorial materials, as well as accompanying assignments, literature recommendations and discussions, will be avaible in the WueCampus course.