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Robotics chair collaborates with the European Space Agency (ESA) on lunar exploration


The Chair Computer Science XVII at the University of Würzburg is pleased to confirm its collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) on a research project concerning lunar exploration. The project, titled "Control of Spherical Robots for Lunar Cave Exploration Using Telescopic Linear Actuators for Locomotion," is a significant contribution to the field of space robotics.

We will be working on the development of a novel locomotion approach for spherical robots. These robots, equipped with telescopic linear actuators, are designed to navigate challenging terrains, such as those found on the lunar surface.

The project introduces a new control model, the Virtual Pose Instruction Plane (VPIP), and its advanced version, the Virtual Pose Instruction Map (VPIM). These models utilize real-time sensor measurements from cameras and laser scanners, enabling the robots to dynamically adapt to their surroundings.