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RPS Exact

In the RPS Exact project, the project partners want to develop a system to improve the spatial precision of radiation therapy devices. At the same time, the system is to serve collision avoidance. A high-precision position recognition system to be developed for the patient table, patient positioning aids and fixation devices as well as for the positioning and alignment of the radiation head will be linked to a precise 6D-positionable patient table.

6D (6 - dimensional) refers to the ability of the system to correct both translational errors (x, y, z) in patient positioning and rotational errors (roll, pitch, yaw). In the RPS Exact project, signals from several 3D cameras are used for this purpose. These are installed at different locations in the room. They are aligned in such a way that every position and orientation of the patient table as well as the radiation head remains recognizable and measurable during an irradiation, independent of the planned alignment of the patient table and the irradiation device. Even angles that are difficult to see, such as those that occur during isocentric table rotations, can be detected by at least two cameras each.