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Chair of Computer Science I - Algorithms and Complexity

Spot in the Top 3 at ACM SIGSPATIAL Cup 2018


A team around the students Tobias Greiner, Nadja Henning, and Felix Klesen handed in code at the seventh annual ACM SIGSPATIAL Cup for implementations of geographic algorithms. On November 8 they will find out if they won.

Traditionally, during our course on algorithms for geographic information systems (GIS), we give our students the opportunity to work on a small project in groups. We often offer topics based on international projects or competitions, especially from the competition of ACM SIGSPATIAL, a renowned conference in the field of geographic information systems. This years task was all about upstream features – nodes and lines connecting crucial elements of supply networks.

The algorithm designed by Tobias Greiner, Nadja Henning, and Felix Klesen, later refined by Bas den Heijer of ORTEC, Thomas van Dijk, and Andre Löffler and implemented together secured a spot among the top 3 from an international pool of submissions.

Not only can the team now publish their approach in the official conference proceedings but can also give a talk about it to an audience of international experts.


Further information about the competition can be found online at http://sigspatial2018.sigspatial.org/giscup2018/home, the team‘s code is available at https://github.com/tcvdijk/wupstream.