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    Chair of Computer Science I - Algorithms and Complexity

    Schneiker, Christian


    • Databases
    • Advanced Databases
    • Deductive Databases
    • Annotation and Analysis of XML/Text-Corpora


    • Logic Programming
    • Databases and Knowledge Bases
    • Semi-Structured Data and XML
    • Natural Language Processing


    • since January 200x:

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    Key Publications

    • C. Schneiker, D. Seipel:
      Declaratively Creating and Processing XML/TEI Data.
      to appear in: Proc. TEI-C Conference '09, Ann Arbor, 2009.
    • C. Schneiker, D. Seipel, W. Wegstein:
      Schema and Variation: Digitizing Printed Dictionaries.
      Proc. Third Linguistic Annotation Workshop, pages 82-89, Singapore 2009.
    • C. Schneiker, D. Seipel, W. Wegstein, K. Prätor:
      Declarative Parsing and Annotation of Electronic Dictionaries.
      Proc. 6th International Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science NLPCS, Milano, 2009.