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    2022[ to top ]
    • Ganal, E., Heimbrock, M., Schaper, P., Lugrin, B.: Don’t Touch This! - Investigating the Potential of Visualizing Touched Surfaces on the Consideration of Behavior Change. In: Baghaei, N., Vassileva, J., Ali, R., en Oyibo, K. (reds.) Persuasive Technology 2022. Springer International Publishing (2022).
    2021[ to top ]
    • Obremski, D., Schäfer, A.L., Lange, B.P., Lugrin, B., Ganal, E., Witt, L., Nuñez, T.R., Schwarz, S., Schwab, F.: Put that Away and Talk to Me - the Effects of Smartphone induced Ostracism while Interacting with an Intelligent Virtual Agent. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction 2021. ACM (2021).
    • Kern, F., Popp, M., Kullmann, P., Ganal, E., Latoschik, M.E.: 3D Printing an Accessory Dock for XR Controllers and its Exemplary Use as XR Stylus. 27th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology. bll. 1–3. Association for Computing Machinery, Osaka, Japan (2021).
    • Kern, F., Kullmann, P., Ganal, E., Korwisi, K., Stingl, R., Niebling, F., Latoschik, M.E.: Off-The-Shelf Stylus: Using XR Devices for Handwriting and Sketching on Physically Aligned Virtual Surfaces. Frontiers in Virtual Reality. 2, 69 (2021).