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Chair of Computer Science I - Algorithms and Complexity

1st and 3rd place at the GD20 Live Challenge


Two teams of our chair reached place 1 and 3 at the GD'20 Live Challange in the manual categorie, where the task was to draw graphs upward with as few crossings as possible.

The conference Graph Drawing and Network Visualisation (GD) traditionally hosts a small competition where several graphs have to be drawn optimally within one hour. Teams can participate either in the manual categorie or with self-implemented algorithms in the automatic categorie. At GD'20 the challange was to draw directed graphs upward with as few crossings as possible.

On the 15th of September 2020 two teams of our chair participated in manual categorie to compete with 11 other teams. Oksana Firman as solo team Good Luck reached third place. Jonathan Klawitter and Johannes Zink achieved as team upwürz the first place. For both of them, it is not the first win as Johannes and Myroslav Kryven also won at GD'18 and Jonathan's team won at GD'17.

The full contest report, including the results of the creative topics, can be found here.