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    Chair of Computer Science I - Algorithms and Complexity

    Bike Tour 2016


    The traditional bike tour of the chair went in this year from Würzburg via Gramschatz forest to Karlstadt, and back along the river Main. After 70km in the summer heat, the swimming lake in Erlabrunn offered some refreshment.

    Starting in Würzburg in the morning, we cycled up to Gramschatz forest and had lunch at Waldhaus Einsiedel. From there, narrow paths through the forest lead us down to the Wern valley, which was only one more steep ascent away from Karlstadt. After having some well-deserved ice cream in Karlstadt, we cycled back to Würzburg along the Main and made a quick stop at the swimming lake in Erlabrunn. The tour was concluded by a joint dinner at Jahnterrasse.

    For those who are interested in trying this tour themselves, you can find the track here.