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Chair of Computer Science I - Algorithms and Complexity

New Lecture "Logic Programming" in Winter Term 2018/19


The working group of Prof. Seipel offers a new lecture called for Logic Programming in the upcoming winter term.

The lecture Logic Programming introduces the alternative, logic-relational programming paradigm. Here, applications are defined by its appropriate rules in form of Horn clauses. Its top-down execution and the SLD resolution are basis for the most popular logic programming language Prolog, which is presented as part of this lecture. It is a good complement for the lecture Deductive Databases, which instead covers the bottom-up execution of Datalog clauses in deductive database systems.

The lecture covers both formal and practical aspects. It is to be addressed to Master students of Computer Science (5 ECTS). The topic was formerly part of the lecture Deductive Databases, which was just offered this summer term as a 5 ECTS lecture instead of the previous 8 ECTS. The lecture is given by Prof. Seipel on Tuesday 2pm in SE 10 (formerly library of Physics).

The exercises help to gain practical experience with one of the most important declarative programming language. They consist of theoretical and programming tasks. The exercises are supervised by Falco Nogatz, every Thursday at 10am in SE 10. Besides Prolog, advanced concepts like Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) and Constraint Handling Rules (CHR) are introduced.